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How To Configure Netgear Modem As A Repeater?

The function of the repeater is to extend the signal strength or to repeat the signal emitted by the router. The repeater is mainly used in business offices where an enhanced range of the network is preferred on all the devices available within the network. Though, all Netgear modems don’t support this system in which you can use it as a repeater. You can check whether your device supports this system or not by reading the manual available with it. If the router can be configured as a repeater, then follow the steps to accomplish this task.

  1. Connect the Ethernet wire to the Netgear hosting network and to the computer.
  2. Open router login page from the web browser by entering the IP address in the web address field.
  3. Enter login credentials like username and password in the desired fields. Click ‘Ok’ to go to the next step.
  4. Tap ‘Wireless settings’ from setup. Enter the network name and channel.
  5. Select ‘WEP’ from a list of given options. You have to enter a security key which you want to set and press ‘Apply’.
  6. Tap ‘Wireless repeater’ from the advanced menu. Click to note down Mac Address.
  7. Connect the cable from the router and connect it to Netgear which will be used as a repeater. The router must be disconnected from the modem.
  8. Login to the Netgear login page and check the options like mode, security settings and channel that matches network.
  9. Tap ‘Router status’ and note down the IP address for the LAN port.
  10. Go to Repeater function of Netgear device and markdown Mac address as displayed on the screen. Enable ‘Wireless repeating function’ and select ‘Repeater’ from the given options.
  11. Key in the IP address of the router which you have noted in step 9 into the desired field and uncheck ‘Disable Wireless client’.
  12. You will be prompted to enter the Mac address in the Base station field. Click ‘Apply’ to save the changes and convert the router to the repeater.
  13. Remove Ethernet cable from the router and sign in to the network name to access the setup.
  14. Open ‘Wireless settings’ option and enable ‘Repeater’ function from the list of options. Click to select ‘Wireless base station’.
  15. Disable ‘Wireless client Association’ and select the MAC address of repeater to the applicable field.
  16. Tap ‘Apply’ to accomplish the task of setting up the router as a repeater.

Things required: Ethernet cable.

Important: If asked enter ‘Admin’ in the username field and ‘Password’ in the password field. If you have changed the login details earlier, then enter new login details.

To get the best results, you must use the same company router for using it as a repeater. The steps for configuring the repeater with a different brand of router are different based on the make and model number. You can check the steps from the link.

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